For tenants

City Home is specialized to provide a rental space that fits exactly to the tenants - whether for a short or for a longer period. We know our business area exactly. And above all, we know each apartment, including their surroundings in detail. So we can give you all the information you need. If you wish, we can arrange viewings or a tour for you, and also during the rental period, we will help you with all your questions.
Our service is completely free for tenants - we offer:
  • fully tested and documented rentals
  • detailed advice by telephone, email or in person.
  • quickly and perfectly organized tours or sightseeing tours.
We are both at the handover as well as the decrease for you - and of course during the entire rental period.

The procedure of procurement

Apartment Search:

In a first step you can choose the matching of objects from our current offers. We provide this detailed search criteria and meaningful photos are available to allow you a pleasant choice.

You are also welcome to call us if you want a basic counseling.
You can contact us at the number +49 (611) 137 29 311.

In accordance with the requirements in the query, we suggest appropriate rental properties. Our staff will personally contact you to clarify your specific preferences, to organize visits and possibly to clarify details of renting. In this process quick feedback from your site are important because we the communication between you and the owners can organize ourselves precise and targeted way.
Cost of our service will not occur.


For renting an apartment or a house, a written lease agreement between them is closed as a tenant and the landlord. The lease form of City Home, which use many of our landlords is matched to the hiring of "a furnished living room on time" and was examined by counsel. Of course, this form is also available in German language. Some landlords also use other standard leases.

Transfer and withdrawal of the apartment:

If you take over the apartment by the landlord, a transfer protocol is created, which often includes an inventory list and holds possible existing damage or signs of wear. In order to avoid possible misunderstandings and additional claims can be avoided. After the completion of the rental period, usually at handing over the keys, which may damage incurred will be listed in a return protocol. The handovers and withdrawals are taken in many cases of employees of City Home. In general we are happy with questions and problems in an advisory capacity. Furthermore we take care, that you receive your deposit back, please use this form to do the process PDF

Contact during the rental period:

In technical matters in the context of the leased property - such as faulty electrical appliances, unusable pieces of furniture, routine reading of gauges and unclear Manuals - She supports the team of City Home also like during the rental period.

External Services:

Since years we are working together with craftsmen, janitors and cleaners. If you want, we will arrange professionals for repairs and maintenance and for final cleaning to your home decor.


For all tenancies A written lease should be completed in general. This fixes the important points of the contract: Rent, rental, use restrictions, special periods of notice or summary procedures. An elaborate contract avoids conflicts.

Notice periods:

Flats can always be terminated by the tenant with a notice period of three months. Owner, however, are bound to staggered terms of notice. In practice, the apartments are furnished in leases, relate, often agreed fixed rental periods, which may be terminated or extended for a period of one month to the end of each month.


If the property has not been worn over the normal level and no specific damages have been caused, the tenant is not obliged to extract after a renovation. In particular damages, such as on walls and floors, the tenant has to move through a professional renovation the apartment back to the state, he has found during collection. Contractually other arrangements can be agreed individually. This applies especially to long-term leases.
Otherwise, the contractual obligations for the regular beauty repair must be observed.

Power connection:

For furnished apartments, it is now often the case that the current is not included in the rent. In this case, the tenant must promptly sign the electricity meter on his behalf after the handover. Alternatively there is the option that the count is read at the handover takes place and a settlement by Owner extract. Consumption is then invoiced subsequently.

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