For landlords

From consulting and furnishing about finding tenants and visits to the handover and acceptance: City Home offers full service around the marketing and rental of your apartment.
Through our years of experience we know the market and the wishes of tenants - and be able to assess all the possibilities offered by your property. And we find the right tenant. Our close contacts with local companies and our excellent traceability in the relevant media and search engines provide a perfect visibility and marketing of your property. We will gladly make you an individual offer - a lot more affordable than you might think. Contact us!

The procedure of procurement

Offer advice:

We know the needs of tenants exactly we know the each area of ​​Mainz and Wiesbaden, and we know what furniture is well received. This enables us to advise you competently, at what price you can offer your furnished apartment and whether the device is suitable. We will be happy if necessary, a furnishing complement.


Our aim is to know each of our offers very good, so we can answer any questions from prospective tenants quickly. Therefore, we will visit every home in the initial reception personally. Photos and floor plans: We are happy if you can provide us with floor plans available. Photos we will get the first survey itself, which we then publish on the Internet. Marketing channels: The best results we achieve with our own homepage offers who know many corporate clients for years. In addition, we offer a sale at our expense in relevant internet portals.


Our service includes not only that we receive and presort calls and e-mails of all apartment buyers. We organize in consultation with you all tours, so you do not need to take the time for it. We also check the creditworthiness of your future tenant.

Lease and security deposit:

We offer counsel to lease forms approved for short-term accommodation. We will fill this out for you and take care of the entire lease settlement and the deposit payment.

Service around the feeder:

Standing before the entry of the tenant still craftsmen or telecom appointments? Must additional furniture or appliances to buy? Also this service we are happy to accept.

Handing over:

We will take care of handing over the apartment to the new tenant, We check the inventory list and report potential defects. Service during the tenancy: We remain so throughout the lease term partner for you and for the tenant - subscribe to arrange direct to us.


If the tenant moves out, we accept spot redemption, We check the inventory and monitor the condition of the apartment. If you want, we can also organize the cleaning.

Tenants of furnished accommodation

Those looking for corporate housing in Mainz, Wiesbaden and the surrounding area?

Often there are individuals between 25 and 45 years, who come for a temporary professional project into the Rhine-Main area - whether from Germany or from abroad. In many cases they keep on their home their primary residence. For others, a furnished apartment is a transition to a definitive move, such as a separation, during a renovation or until after a trial period.

For many of them, the furnished apartment is an alternative to the hotel in which they nevertheless want to feel at home also - therefore are a good standard of facilities and an appealing design of the apartment basic requirements.

In some cases, especially among tenants from abroad, partner or family come up with here, these customers typically require several bedrooms. It is therefore fair use, equip office and dining room as a bedroom and provide a spacious dining table where you can put a laptop next to a glass of wine in the evening. Some companies hire some for a limited project several employees who then share a larger apartment. Especially for corporate clients unless the employer often determine the budget for the apartment, and sometimes also assumes direct payments.

Our fees

Our fee we agree individually with you. As a guideline, you can select between 10% and 12% net of the monthly rent, which we dimensioned together for your object, count. We collect this fee over a maximum of 10 months, the term of a lease by us into being-down. Even if the tenant stays longer in your home, we are then paid.

With the fee all services are covered, from consulting through the insertion on the popular portals and on our side up to sightseeing and the handover / acceptance.

Of course, we are gladly your contact over the entire lease term.

City Home - Your partner and representative in terms of rental.

City Home - Wohnen auf Zeit
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Tel: +49 (611) 137 29 311
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